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You must read this, in full, before signing up for the Marvel Shipping Games.


Team Organization
Collaborative Round
Main Rounds
Bonus Rounds
Requirements for Entries
Behavior Policy


The Marvel Shipping Games (MSG) is a fanworks competition for the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

MSG is designed as a friendly competition and as the inspiration for a lot of new fanworks, in whatever form participants wish to make them – whether you write, draw, make videos, cosplay, sing, whatever, we want you to join! If you don't feel comfortable joining as a creator, you're free to just sit back and watch the works roll in.

Everyone who wants to take part in MSG must sign up during August. Everyone who signs up should be aware that this is not a serious competition about finding the best ship! We want MSG to be about having fun, making friends, and creating cool things.

With that in mind, read on to learn more.


For the purposes of this competition, a character is “a unique MCU-canonical intelligent entity not corresponding to a real-world equivalent.” Different iterations of a character still count as that character.

REGARDING "MCU-canonical" RULE: You are allowed to use ships based in the Marvel comic books but try to keep it to the better known ones--ie, Spideypool. If you're unsure of whether your ship qualifies, contact the mods.

If you'd rather be on a platonic-based team, that's fine! Your team's name will be designated with & rather than /.

So, basically, here's what's NOT allowed:
  • Obscure ships from the Marvel canon with characters that most of the participants won't recognize
  • Object shipping (so you can't do Magneto's helmet/Xavier's wheelchair, I know, it's a real sacrifice)
  • RPF or actor shipping
  • Crossover ships (to clarify, no ships that include a character from outside Marvel--within the Marvel universe, even between different film studios, you are good to go)
  • OCs
Everything else is allowed!


Every person wishing to be involved in MSG in any way must signup to a team.

Teams are limited to between four and seven members, including a team leader who will be responsible for creating the team community, submitting entries, and generally rallying the troops. Each team is expected to produce one piece of work for each main round which is focused on their ship

Ship teams are focused on a single ship, and their entry for every round must focus on it. Only one ship team can exist per ship. Ship teams are the standard form of team, and will be officially named by alphabetical first names separated by forward slashes e.g. Team Charles/Erik, Team Bucky/Natasha/Sam/Steve.

All people who sign up, regardless of team, will be able to vote on entries for the Main Rounds, and produce Bonus Round entries if they wish to do so.

Team Organization

The distribution of work and any temporary leaves of absence should be arranged within the team without the need to alert the mods. However, if any participants wish to leave the competition the mods should be informed. You should also contact the mods immediately if your team leader stops responding to the rest of the team for more than three days consecutively without prior warning.

During the competition, participants may transfer to any team with fewer than the maximum member count provided they first approve it with that team’s leader, and alert their present team leader and the mods. Participants who transfer teams will not take any previously earned points with them.

Any team which, due to absent or transferred members, falls below the minimum member count after the Main Round One prompt is released will be allowed to continue if they wish to do so.

Teams may disband at any time if they wish, provided an effort has been made to contact all team members and the team is in favor after at least 72 hours of discussion. Disbanding teams should contact the mods, and arrange to move to new teams if they wish to do so. The team’s existing points will not be transferred.

Collaborative Round

The final round of MSG is the collaborative round! Ideally, this means that every member of the team contributes in some way to the final product. This could be by brainstorming, organizing, or creating content. We realize, however, that people have lives outside of fandom, so you aren’t required to take part.

Do note that there are no requirements or limitations on this round! Your team’s collab round entry can be as long or as short as you all chose, but keep in mind that you only have so long to make it. Plan accordingly, and make sure you don’t overshoot.

If all goes well, the Collaborative Round should be an extravaganza of togetherness and creativity.

Main Rounds

Each Main Round will be prompt-based, with the prompt being released four weeks before the deadline for entries. Every participant team is expected to produce a single entry for each Main Round based on their ship.

Main Round entries must be produced solely by members of the team, but within the team members can work collaboratively or individually. The creator of each entry should be kept anonymous to those outside the team until the de-anon post at the end of voting. Even if a potential entry is not chosen as the final team submission, we ask that you do not de-anon until this time.

Voting will open as soon as possible after the round deadline, and will last for a week. Voting is open to all those who signed up for the competition, regardless of team. When voting, you will be asked to consider how well the entry portrayed the ship in question and how well it suited the prompt given as well as its overall quality.

Bonus Rounds

Bonus Rounds are optional and open to all who signed up. They are intended to be a fun chance to score extra points. Bonus Rounds begin every two weeks and last until the opening of the next round.

Prompts will vary in form, but generally, the prompt for the bonus round will be a layout for more specific prompts given by participants. Some points will be earned for providing prompts, but more will be available for filling the prompts of other participants.

Unless otherwise specified, bonus round prompts can be focused on any ship (not just yours).

Requirements for Entries

Main Round entries can be in any media or combination of media, but to ensure approximately equal effort, the following restrictions apply:
  • Writing: 1K-3.5K words, penalties will be applied after 4K words
  • Combination Writing/Art may have no more than 5 images.
  • Other Image-based entries (including comics): 15 panels/images, no more than 1K words
  • Gifs/Animations included in a larger work (such as a game, fic or comic) may be no longer than 15 seconds in total
  • Video: 1:45 max runtime, penalties will be applied after the 2 minute mark (This applies for both animated and live-action video)
  • Orginal Music: 1:45 max runtime, penalties will be applied after the 2 minute mark
  • Cosplay: Costumes should be made/assembled at least 75% new for the challenge

If you exceed any of these limitations, point penalties will be applied.

There are no requirements for the collab round!

Bonus round fills should be at least 300 words or comparable effort in another medium.


This is the way that points will be allotted!

Main Rounds
  • 1st: 1500
  • 2nd: 1380
  • 3rd: 1260
  • 4th: 1140
  • 5th: 1020
  • 6th: 900
  • 7th: 720
  • 8th: 540
  • 9th: 360
  • 10th: 180

Collaborative Round
  • 1st: 2250
  • 2nd: 2070
  • 3rd: 1890
  • 4th: 1710
  • 5th: 1530
  • 6th: 1350
  • 7th: 1080
  • 8th: 810
  • 9th: 540
  • 10th: 270

Every team that submits an entry to a main or collaborative will receive 180 points automatically! The above placement points are above and beyond that 180-point award.

Team members will also receive 15 points for voting.

Bonus Rounds (unless otherwise stated)
  • First 5 fills by your team in each round: 30 points each
  • Fills 6-10 by your team in each round: 20 points each
  • Fills 11-15 by your team in each round: 10 points each
  • Fills 16+ by your team in each round: 5 points each

Finally, all participants can lose points for their team through voter fraud and through not following guidelines in main round entries.
Bonus Round prompts receive 5 points per prompt up to a maximum limit of 50 points per team.


The current MSG schedule is as follows:
  • August 1: Sign Ups open; Bonus Round 0 (BR0) opens
  • August 24: Sign Ups close; BR0 closes
  • August 31: Final Roster is in place; all teams should have a community; Collab Round opens; Main Round 1 (MR1) opens; BR1 opens
  • September 14: BR2 opens
  • September 28: MR1 is due; BR3 opens; MR2 opens
  • October 5: MR1 voting opens
  • October 12: MR1 voting closes; BR4 opens
  • October 26: MR2 due; BR5 opens
  • November 2: MR2 voting opens
  • November 9: MR2 voting closes; BR6 opens
  • November 23: Collab Round due; BR7 opens
  • November 30: Collab Round voting opens
  • December 7: Collab Round voting closes; BR7 closes
  • December 14: Results announced!

Behavior Policy

Any sort of hating is unacceptable. Be polite and respectful, or we will not hesitate to send you a warning or, if you repeat this behavior enough times or do something severe enough, drop you from the competition.

If anyone involved in the competition is behaving unacceptably, please do not respond yourself, directly or otherwise. Instead, alert the mods via email to with the words BEHAVIOR POLICY in the subject line.


For participants, the first point of contact about the competition should be your team leader. However, anyone signed up for the competition is welcome to contact the mods directly if they have any questions or concerns. There are three ways to do this:
  • Via an ask on our official Tumblr, which functions as an askblog for the competition.
  • Via a comment on this or any other post on our official Dreamwidth.
  • Via email to

Date: 2014-08-23 11:45 pm (UTC)
leperu: (Default)
From: [personal profile] leperu
Are lurkers permitted to see teams' fanworks, or only participants are allowed to?

Date: 2014-08-24 11:15 pm (UTC)
leperu: (Default)
From: [personal profile] leperu
Okay,thanks. :)

Date: 2014-10-22 02:55 pm (UTC)
octopigirl: (Default)
From: [personal profile] octopigirl
Is it too late to join a team or add a team? ;3; Team Electro/Harry!


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